Orbis Virtual Moonwalker

Case overview

Orbis, in collaboration with FringeBacker Event, has transformed its annual Moonwalkers event into its first-ever virtual run. The event utilizes FringeBacker Events’ advanced virtual event system. This innovative approach allows participants to join the event from anywhere while maintaining the spirit of the original event.

The Brief

Orbis was in need of an advanced online event and payment platform that could cater to a worldwide audience. The platform had to be accessible in English and Chinese languages, including both Simplified and Traditional versions. Additionally, it required the functionality to support merchandising sales, real-time monitoring, and a participant dashboard that could accommodate unlimited results uploads.

Our Approach

First, we defined the goals and objectives of the event to ensure that the platform met the specific needs of the event, including the required features. This helped us to identify the key functionalities required for the platform.

Next, we selected a suitable platform that catered to the specific requirements of the event. We ensured that the platform offered multi-language support, merchandising sales, real-time monitoring, and a participant dashboard that could accommodate unlimited results uploads.

After selecting the platform, we developed a customized design that aligned with the branding and theme of the event. The design is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for participants to navigate through the platform.

We incorporated merchandising sales functionality that allowed participants to purchase event-related merchandise and track the status of orders. Real-time monitoring functionality was included to enable event organizers to monitor participant activity, track event attendance, and gather real-time feedback.

To cater to a worldwide audience, we provided multi-language support by developing both Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions of the platform, along with an English version.

We also created a participant dashboard that accommodated unlimited results uploads, allowing participants to upload their results and track their progress throughout the event.

After developing the platform, we tested it thoroughly to ensure that it met all requirements. We then launched the platform to the public and provided ongoing support throughout the event.

The Results

The charity marathon drew participants from all corners of the globe who were able to easily sign up and support the cause through the user-friendly platform. The platform functioned seamlessly and smoothly, providing participants with a hassle-free experience.




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