Covid-19 Hong Kong Virtual Marathon

Case overview

The emergence of Covid-19 has led to the cancellation or postponement of many sports events, and FBE has launched the first online virtual marathon race in Hong Kong. This event is composed of over 40 charitable partners, aimed at promoting physical health and providing a fundraising platform for charitable organizations to raise awareness and donate to their cause.

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The Brief

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we successfully created and operated a real-time online platform that catered to global applicants, available in both English and Chinese languages. Our event was carefully designed to comply with social distancing measures while ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Our Approach

To create an online platform for global applicants during Covid-19, a systematic approach is necessary.

This includes determining the technical specifications and infrastructure required for the platform, designing an intuitive user interface and experience, developing and testing the platform for reliability, security, and functionality, and incorporating features that adhere to social distancing guidelines such as remote access, video conferencing, and contactless payment options.

After the platform is created, launching and promoting it to attract global applicants is necessary. Finally, continuous monitoring and improvement of the platform based on user feedback and changing circumstances is essential for optimal performance.

The Results

This event was the first virtual marathon competition in Hong Kong and was very successful. Participants from all over the world joined this marathon race and enthusiastically supported charitable causes. And more importantly, our platform operated smoothly during the event, providing stable technical support for the competition.


Charity partners