SCHKM 2019 – 2023

Case overview

In 2018, Standard Chartered and HKAAA sought a sophisticated online registration platform to facilitate real-time management starting in 2019 for a global audience.
Specifically, the platform needed to be available in both English and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), with the capability to handle high traffic volumes and accommodate hundreds of thousands of simultaneous views.

The Brief

Since then, as their trusted partner, we proudly rose to the occasion, fulfilling all requirements and enhancing the event experience. Our team was responsible for conceiving, designing, developing, managing, and operating the real-time online platform for both Hong Kong and international applicants. This platform seamlessly supported global users and languages, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Our Approach

To create a successful platform, we first identified the goals and requirements and then chose an appropriate platform that could meet all the requirements while providing a visually appealing user interface.

Our registration form was designed to collect all the necessary information and securely store it in a data management system. We also integrated payment processing for easy payment collection.

Thorough testing was conducted to ensure the platform functions smoothly and meets all requirements. User feedback was used to refine the platform, and security measures were implemented to protect it from hacking and data theft.

Administrators were trained to use the platform effectively, and ongoing support is provided for bug fixes, software updates, and technical assistance.

The Results

With the help of FringeBacker Events, SCHKM organized a successful event with no security breaches. The registration platform functioned seamlessly, ensuring a smooth registration process for attendees while maintaining their data security.


Attendance rate